Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The Saga continues

So, despite asking for a new covering letter and return envelope during the phone call yesterday, today I get an envelope containing a return envelope and a copy of their service standards. Still don't actually have any idea of when the deadline for returning the form is but it's really going to have to wait until I speak to my doctor. The service standards make for interesting reading though :-

We aim to treat all our customers in the same way. We will:
  • be friendly, fair and helpful
  • treat you with respect
  • behave professionally 
  • ensure our offices are as safe as possible for all our customers and staff, and
  • respect your privacy.
On a brighter note I did get a phone call from the Jobcenter Plus Complaints team who had listened to the original abusive call and apologised profusely for the treatment I received. Action will be taken and for once, a phone call from the Jobcenter Plus people turned out to be a rather pleasant experience.

Slightly better mood today, still rather stressed about the ESA50 though.

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